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But Rafer isn't a one wolf deal. Is there room in Lark's heart-and bed-for Rafer and his Pack? Lark Andrews has lived on her Flower farm I have no other word to describe this book.

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This was my first Anne Marsh book and now I am wondering what the heck took me so long to read Tempted by the Pack. Anne Marsh. Once in a blue moon The Pack hunts for mates Fighting to keep her family farm, Lark Andrews isn't looking for love. More filters. Sort order. Jul 30, 'Q' aka CoCo rated it did not like it. This had way too many inconsistencies for me to enjoy.

From the very beginning, there are contradictions in the story. Past due in her mortgage, Lark is concerned about losing her home, and she laments she'd "lose her farm in five days. But it was hers. For three more days. It's said again and again that the wolves run as a pack, but Luc isn't in the running fo This had way too many inconsistencies for me to enjoy. It's said again and again that the wolves run as a pack, but Luc isn't in the running for a mate because "The night ten years ago that the blue moon had come up and he'd run alone," he'd already found his mate. Why weren't his brothers with him?

It's such an important point that the blue moon brides are given a choice of mates, but Luc went alone and only offered himself? Maybe that's why she ran, hmm? And why'd the brothers allow it if they're so hellbent on following these rules?

The whole blue moon thing bothered me as well. At least one of us finds his mate tonight. Maybe more. Maybe because "Over the centuries, fate had sent the Packs very few mates and even fewer blue moons," but I'm just not buying it. A simple Google look up would've told the author that blue moons happen every two to three years, sometimes even twice in one of those years. Then there's the sex scenes, admittedly probably the most important part of the book for me. One of my pet peeves is when characters contort their bodies into impossible positions.

She would have had to be beyond double jointed to complete some of these moves, and it's just not sexy picturing that exorcist-like spin of the head or dislocating a shoulder. View all 8 comments. Jun 13, MsRomanticReads rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal , short-stories-novellas , spank-bank , , erotic-romance , shifters. For a short read, Tempted by the Pack was a sizzling read with a slightly new twist on wolf shifters and vampires. The idea that the Breaux brothers were running the risk of losing their human side to the wolf within, unless one of them found their mate, was rather intriguing.


The story really gets going during the hunt for the blue-moon bride. I noticed some reviewers balked at the idea that Rafer would share Lark with his brothers.

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I bought the moresome because it was established ea For a short read, Tempted by the Pack was a sizzling read with a slightly new twist on wolf shifters and vampires. I bought the moresome because it was established early on that Rafer was utterly devoted to the Pack. They were a dying breed and they were brothers. If sharing his mate prolonged the life of his brothers until they found their own mate, it was plausible. The two scenes were incredibly sensuous and didn't feel uncomfortable.

This story wasn't just fluff. There is a serious threat from vampires, and I'm glad the author didn't gloss over the battle scene. Overall, I really enjoyed the story even if there were a few minor errors in it.

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It ended way too soon for my liking, but I would definitely read more of this series. I had to read something as part of a summer challenge and this was short and best of all FREE. This was a major case of "insta-love Jul 27, Jacqueline J rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance , werewolves-shifters , kindle-reads , menage. It had some really good bones. I just felt that the author could have included even more scenes to develop the story.

I particularly enjoyed the shifter world and the idea of why the vampires were killing for the skins. I found that pretty original.

Good atmosphere of the bayous. I enjoyed the hero and the heroine. I didn't think the ideas behind the multiple person sex stuff was as well thought out. On the whole I liked it well enough to try further books in the series. I wasn't entirely impressed by this book, I enjoyed the idea of it, just think it could of been executed better. The characters felt flat to me, other than them being constantly horny, it didn't really delve into anything more.

The language is also pretty coarse an to the point, there isn't much inventiveness or romantic notions whatsoever; lots of repetition. I'll read the following ones if they become free, otherwise I'm not paying for them. Oct 07, Trio rated it it was ok. What can I say. It was on my tbr shelf from a long, long time ago and so I read it for a challenge. It was a very typical, formulaic story about a wolf pack who looks for their mate and can only find her during a blue moon. They stalk her and of course she's willing and everything ends exactly how you would expect. I liked Lark and Rafe.

Their story wasn't perfect but there was something about it that I still liked very much. This is the first story I've read by this author and I liked it well enough that I'll probably try more of her work in the future. Lark own a flower farm that's been in her family for generations. Her mother was a bit of a rolling stone so Lark was raised on the farm by her grandmother. Her grandmother died and left Lark the farm bu 3.


Her grandmother died and left Lark the farm but by the time that happened the farm was submerged in debts. Lark hasn't been able to make enough money to cover the mortgage and believes she'll lose the farm in less than a week but is determined to work until the end and hope for a miracle. Rafe is a werewolf and lives in the bayou with his brothers. Rafe is over years old and hasn't found his mate yet and this is causing him to have issues holding on to his humanity and it's the same for his brothers as well. The vampires have been doing their best to wipe out the werewolves and hunt both the werewolves and their possible mates to kill.

Before the blue moon, Rafe is checking out the farmer's market, trying to get a sense of who the "Blue moon bride" will be. They don't know who she is until the moon shows her on the night of the blue moon but he smells Lark and is drawn to her. He hopes that she'll be the one the moon shows. Lark feels someone watching her but doesn't see Rafe. She does get some advice from the local voodoo woman about a choice Lark has coming her way. Lark has heard about Rafe and his brothers and has been curious about them but has only ever seen one from a distance.

She's heard the rumors about them as well but isn't sure if she should believe them. Rafe goes to Lark's farm to buy some flowers for Lark but she doesn't realize it and talk to her. There's a very strong attraction between them and Rafe hopes she'll be the bride and that she'll chose him as her mate. Rafe does warn Lark that if she doesn't want to play, she shouldn't leave her house tonight.

While the pack is desperate for a mate they wont push someone unwilling. The "bride" can chose any of the pack as her mate, or none or multiple mates, it's up to her. Lark knows the legends and I'm not sure if she really believes they're true but when she hears the howls that night she feels compelled to leave her house and runs towards the wolves hunting her. When they do turn human she seems surprised that her tentative belief about what they are proved to true but accepts things pretty quickly. She's given a choice and she chooses Rafe as her mate but doesn't realize what that means.

When she wakes the next day and wants to go back to her farm things get difficult for Rafe and his pack. Rafe does his best to stay near her and try to get her to accept him.