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What was the aftermath of the ultra-marathon breastfeeding pics like for Sophie Power? How does Paula Radcliffe prep for a marathon? A mix of technical guidance and inspirational stories that will entertain marathoners and park plodders alike. One result of medical student Julie Foucher discovering CrossFit — quite apart from her formidable athleticism — was the birth of her 60 to minute podcast series. Bridging the gap between medicine and fitness, her roster of medical professionals focus on using fitness as a defence against rather than a cure for sickness and disease.

Science journalists at The Guardian ask the big questions before answering them in an engaging, accessible and digestible way. Ever wondered, for instance, why global fertility seems to be falling? Or what it means to be human in the age of AI? The episodes are only 30 minutes, so perfect for the commute and then dropping knowledge bombs on your colleagues.

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Hosted by WH digital editor Amy Hopkinson, this number has been designed to to accompany Marathon runners on the journey to Not one of the 40, runners taking part in London Marathon? No problem. Each episode is made up of expert running tips, plus an interview with someone on a mission whose weekly mileage plays a major part in achieving their goal. Weekly chats on body image, weight acceptance and non-diet nutrition with dietician and intuitive eating counsellor Christy Harrison. She promotes health at every size and accepting your body. As well as serving up online diet programmes, Precision Nutrition advises companies such as Nike.

There are plenty of nutritional facts to get your teeth into and, because episodes can be as short as 10 minutes, you can binge on several in a single sitting. Listen to Eat, Move and Live Better. Listen to Call Your Girlfriend. Listening to people talk about depression might not sound like a laugh-a-minute experience, but when the people in question are comedians and other wits who periodically feel low, despite being at the top of their game, the lols rate is unexpectedly high.

Talking about it is a really good idea. Listen to The Hilarious World of Depression. When it comes to spine-tingling sports documentaries, American network ESPN produces the greatest of all time. And it turns out they work just as effectively without the visuals. A delightfully in-depth refuge from the shallow sports news cycle of previews and predictions, results and reactions, here you can discover stories of polar exploration, learn about Olympic failure or dive into the murky world of scandal-hit yoga guru Bikram Choudhury.

Listen To Eat, Move And Live Better On Podcast Gang

Listen to 30 for Not like that. Host Drew Ackerman wants to help you nod off. No whale music or white noise here — but a bedtime story riveting enough to distract you from the task of trying to sleep, but not riveting enough to keep you awake. Listen to Sleep With Me. Got 20 minutes? A chiropractor, Dr Maj and her qualified medical experts talk pragmatic advice we can all get on board with — from acupuncture to cancer prevention and which vitamins you should get to know more intimately.

Listen to Women Seeking Wellness. One for real foodies. This Radio 4 show takes you behind the headlines, unpicking the food industry in bite-sized geddit? Listen to The Food Programme. And who better to learn from than Andrea Ferretti, former editor of the academic publication Yoga Journal. Listen to Yogaland.

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IRL lol-inducing. Hosted by the US comedian by the same name, each episode consists of an extended conversation with a guest.

All are funny, but the health ones are not to be missed. Table of Contents Excerpt Rave and Reviews. About The Book. How about no diet at all?

Eat, move, live: Promoting a healthy diet and active lifestyle

In fact, such plans open the door to possibly harmful unintended consequences. How many people who were following the Atkins diet in the s continue to do so today? What about those who, a few years back, opted to go gluten free for reasons besides celiac disease? Most diets focus on pounds lost, rather than the development of healthy eating strategies. The dieter devotes all his or her energies to following the plan, and then one of two things happens: the dieter meets the goal, returns to previous eating patterns, and gains the weight back; or the dieter gives up, feels bad about him- or herself, and gains the weight back.

Until my twenties, I ate whatever I wanted. The wake-up call came in my early thirties, when my primary care practitioner, Dr.

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Timothy Devlin, told me I needed to lose some weight. Too many soft drinks, it seemed, had caught up with me. It took me a good decade to drop the pounds required to get back to a healthy weight. It explains why long-term weight loss is so difficult.

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Basically, your body refuses to let you starve. Nature can be cruel. In one of the most interesting ones, National Institutes of Health researchers followed up on fourteen men and women who had lost substantial amounts of weight on The Biggest Loser. More troublingly, that adaptive thermogenesis I mentioned earlier still affected the subjects, resulting in their burning fewer calories per day compared to the average level for people of their weight and size. In other words, their bodies were still trying to gain back more weight.

EAT, MOVE, SLEEP (Book Summary in Hindi)

By now we know the routine with diets. The media gloms onto a food craze, distils the message into a single phrase—gluten free, high fat, day detox—and suddenly all our friends are asking the waiter to make all sorts of menu exceptions because of their latest dietary restrictions.

But many single-nutrient food fads fail to provide what they promise. Rather than promoting a healthy relationship with food in which you listen to your body, they encourage you to focus on some narrow category of food, which can lead to an inadequate mix of nutrients in your meals. Those who avoid carbohydrates, for example, leave themselves susceptible to deficiencies in fiber, folate, and thiamine.

So avoid fad diets and any single-nutrient approach. Which brings up a problem: How can you identify one? Any diet that promotes itself with the promise of a steep descent in the number that stares up at you from the scale is likely a fad diet. The three macronutrients in a healthy, nutritious diet are fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. All meals should consist of a mix of all three nutrients. The ketogenic diet says you should consume lots of fat and few carbs.

The Atkins diet emphasizes protein. Neither provides the balanced mix of nutrients your body needs. Rather than artificially elevating the levels of this or that macronutrient, concentrate on enjoying a balanced diet of whole foods. Long-term good health and nutrition should be your focus. Paying attention to what you eat is a rational strategy for remaining healthy. Rather than making radical changes to your diet that will last only a few weeks, concentrate on developing healthier food behaviors that you can continue for the rest of your life.

Such restrictive approaches to eating can prevent you from developing the good habits that will keep you healthy for the rest of your life. Many times a day, we make decisions to regulate what goes into our mouths and when. In general, the best diet involves eating wholesome and minimally processed foods, mostly plant based, in reasonable quantities. But what exactly does that entail? Here are three different strategies for eating well. None encourages strict calorie counting.

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None relies on an organization that will profit from your adherence to the approach. No celebrity weight loss expert advocates these diets in a transparent ploy to get you to buy his or her book. Nor are they diets, per se. Those who follow it consume lots of fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, olive oil, and whole grains.

They also eat fish, enjoy red wine with dinner, and tend to dine with friends and family.

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  5. The eating style does not feature many foods high in saturated fats—not much red meat or butter, for example. Nor is there a lot of salt or added sugar. Researchers have conducted hundreds of studies on the effects of the dietary pattern, and found that those who follow it tend to live longer, as well as experience lower rates of heart disease, cancer, and numerous other maladies.

    THE DASH DIET An acronym for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, the DASH diet arose from a study published in that showed you can reduce blood pressure by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, low-fat dairy products, and foods that contain such blood-pressure-lowering nutrients as magnesium, potassium, and calcium. The diet was also low in saturated fat and total fat. A later DASH study showed that blood pressure could be lowered further by consuming less sodium, refined grains, and sugars. Like the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet tends to feature higher amounts of whole grains and lower amounts of red and processed meat.

    Unlike the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet includes low-fat dairy products for calcium—two to three servings per day. Rather than a planned-out series of meal options, the MIND approach provides a score based on how often you eat brain-healthy or brain-harmful foods. Each of these dietary approaches has its strengths and weaknesses. Start your free Blinkist trial to get unlimited access to key ideas from Eat, Move, Sleep and over 3, other nonfiction titles.

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