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He travelled extensively, climbed mountains, hunted wild game, fought in Cuba and ranched cattle in North Dakota.

Gregory: Cuchulain Of Muirthemne

He was a progressive and conservationist and helped establish national parks and forests as well as supporting the Pure Food and Drug Act of Roosevelt also had a lifelong interest in world literature and poetry and was the author of books ranging from a History of the War of to The Winning of the West and was an editor of Outlook Magazine. What has been little appreciated was his interest in early Irish literature.

Like any revivalist movement the Irish Literary Revival or Celtic Twilight drew on an earlier literary tradition, in this case the Medieval Irish manuscripts that preserved versions of Iron Age mythology. Lady Gregory in her book Cuchulain of Muirthemne , published in , had made the whole Ulster cycle of Irish Iron Age mythology accessible to a new audience. Hyde had helped found Conradh na Gaeilge the Gaelic league in and later served as President of Ireland from His Literary History of Ireland dealt with literature in the Irish language from the time of the Celts to the eighteenth century.

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Cuchulain is the subject of numerous tales set in pre-Christian Ireland, including the pivotal ' War for the Bull of Cuailgne '. The mythological and supernatural elements are tightly interwoven in this saga, including the ever-present Sidhe fairies ; and Celtic gods and goddesses, particularly Morrigu, the goddess of war. As for the battles, they are principally composed of single combats as hair-raising as any in the Iliad or the Mahabharata.

The female characters are vivid and self-motivated.

Freebookapalooza: Gregory. Cuchulain of Muirthemne

The saga is overlaid with episodes which could be echoes of ancient myths, for instance the story of the two shapeshifting swineherds. There are sections of great poetry embedded in the text, particularly the lament of Emer on Cuchulain's death. Buy or subscribe.

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